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What is Flowbaba?

Flowbaba is a community platform and a marketplace with a wide range of tools for selling items such as event tickets, zoom classes and products, offering its own live-streaming system, and allowing users to upload videos and monetise the access. The platform is focused on bringing together people and content from particular art & movement forms, such as flow arts, yoga, dance and circus.

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Are you looking for a way how to easily sell access to Zoom classes, without having to send links to everyone single person, and collect fees manually? Flowbaba offers an easy, automated ticket selling system that works well for both real and virtual events – set up your Zoom event, choose price, time and date, include the Zoom link with a custom message and just watch your event getting sales. After your Zoom class is finished, upload a recording of your class to the same page at Flowbaba you sold the tickets, where all buyers already have access (and more people can purchase as well)

Do you have tutorials or videos that you want to monetise? Or are you a festival / organisation looking for a way how to stream your program for tickets just like at a real festival?

Flowbaba can sort it out! Have all your content at one channel – tickets to physical and virtual events, upload videos, organise live-streams or even sell products –  and for all of that, choose your preferred model – free, donation, fixed price, or minimal price.

Flowbaba should bring as many types of skills into one place as possible. For the viewers, this unique project means better access to a wide range of current online classes and makes it easier for them to find a new skill that can enrich their lives. At the same time it allows every talented person to become an instructor and get rewarded for their work.


We think that the world of flow arts, circus, yoga, dance and other body movement activities should have its own unique platform, which works not only as a streaming platform, not only as chat, not only as a video platform, but all at the same time. Why not simply do it all on Facebook? On Facebook, it’s only Facebook that is getting paid.

Flowbaba is a cultural platform that directly supports the content creators and that allows everyone to easily monetize their hard work.

Therefore the Flowbaba platform does not have a specific dramaturgical vision and is not strictly curated as it is an open and self-governing platform where both artists and viewers can connect.


Even though most artists, instructors and students are moving to the online world, there is no platform that would allow users to easily find courses they are looking for in one place and a way for instructors and artists to easily sell their online classes or upload their content. So far, workshop online streaming has been scattered over social media and platforms like Zoom and Twitch, but the instructors & artists miss a platform where all these classes could be featured and easily sold. 

Flowbaba’s mission is to offer all the important tools for making your money online as well as to offer free content.


If the stream is paid, the link with the ticket will be valid only for one user and can be played only on one device. We use advanced content protection – DRM technology.


• Free

• Paid

• For donation

• for minimal price

2.5% goes to payment gate 

2% goes to the platform for all other costs

The rest (95.5%) to the instructor/artist. You won’t find any other platform with this low fees.


Flowbaba offers various possibilities and can serve various purposes. 

Apart from videos and live-streams, Flowbaba allows you to basically sell any link – buyers fill their email address and after the purchase they receive an email, with your custom text and link. This is a way to sell pretty much any virtual material.

Do you want to sell a voucher, with limited or unlimited validity, or with limited amount? Flowbaba’s wide range of settings for selling vouchers will help you to find the right way for you.

Streaming used as crowdfunding: 

– prepare your content and collect donations as you stream. Viewers can donate any time through a donate button next to the video player.

If you’re an instructor, you can easily upload your tutorials and allow people to access them for any price you want. Very soon, Flowbaba will have a “selling in packages” feature, that will bring a ton of new possibilities for selling packages of tutorials, or courses.

Viewers can put comments under the video and interact with you or within each other.

This is comparable to how Facebook live works.


Learning new things from home can even have certain benefits comparable to learning in gyms and classrooms. Pause at any time, rewind as much as you need, or even watch it later as many times as you want!

If there is any reason why you can’t go and join a real yoga class – maybe you have to be at home with your little child, maybe you are too shy to exercise in front of others or maybe there is simply no course that you want near you – you can try exercising from your home, every day a different activity!

THE FUTURE IS NEAR… and it’s exciting!


A team of developers from Siesta Cloud s.r.o. is working on Flowbaba as you are reading this.

In a short time, Flowbaba will be many steps ahead.

Here are some of the features that we are working on right now:

– user accounts: viewers can sign up to Flowbaba, pre-pay their classes, follow their favourite artists

– festival streaming: create an “online festival” – an organised line-up of streams organised by an unlimited amount of creators which can be purchased with one ticket

– gift coupons: give your overweight mother-in-law a fitness class for her birthday!

– a reverse teleport: a gamechanger that will shift our perception of online streaming

So this is Flowbaba.
Nice to meet you.

Wanna tell us something about yourself? Hit us up on our social media.

We thrive to meet you and your ideas.

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