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Video Content

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Monetize access to a video, or a whole video package. Do you want to sell your video tutorials? Or have you got a big project – such as a documentary movie – that you wish to monetise, per watch? With our pricing options, you have plenty of  monetising options. And unlike on the other platforms, there are no ads, or nothing that would bother you while watching!

Deliver your videos to the right audience with ease!

Our great features

  • Easy video upload

  • Automatic encoding

  • Playlist of multiple videos

  • Various monetisation types

  • Sales manager

  • Scheduled publishing of videos

  • Card online payments

Video tutorials

Monetise single videos, or make playlists of tutorials. Offer discounted rates when buying a whole package.

Video page

Create a nice, custom page for your video - add description, images and links. 

Protected content

Only the buyer is able to watch the video. If someone decides to watch the video much later, the will always find a unique link to access it in their email inbox.


Sell tickets to your Zoom class, and when it’s done, upload a recording to the very same page where you sold your tickets.

This way the buyers will have access to it using the same link they received when purchased the ticket. All you have to do is change the item type to “video” and upload the recording there.

If you wish, you can continue selling the recording to new audience as well.

Videos: FAQ and Tips

Our ticket system gives you perfect control of all the reservations and analytic reports of the sales in real time.
Read through all the frequently asked questions, tips and ideas.

All standard video codecs are supported  (mp4, mov, m4v, avi)

After the upload, the video will be encoded, which is a process that can take few minutes, or a couple of hours – depending on the size if the video you uploaded. 

Yes, you can upload VR (360°) videos! Just tick the box “360 video” when uploading.

This feature will be available soon – you will be able to upload a whole package of videos. Please, bear with us before this feature is ready.

Yes, in fact you have to upload a custom thumbnail. Because we want Flowbaba to look pretty, we ask the content creators to upload nice thumbnails that will represent their videos.

Yes! After purchasing the access, the video unlocks, and an email is sent to the buyer’s email address with link, that can be used to access the video any time after.

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Ticketing system

Are you organising any scheduled event? Get better control by using our ticketing system.


Offer private teaching, online class (zoom, google meet, etc.), or any other kind of experience. ​


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