Changing Ticket Page To A Video

Offer the recording of your live-stream to all participants or even new customers.

Why should you change your voucher or a ticket to a video after the event?

Say you are organizing a class, event or whatever kind of experience. After the event, you would like to provide a recording of the event, or some special video to the participants. You might even want to re-sell with a discounted price a recording of your class.

Add a video to the event page

After your event, add a video to the event page – that means that those who have purchased it can use the same link that they’ve got via the email to access it, and watch video / access any informations or media listed on the page. Of course, since you have access to the buyer’s email address, you can follow up with personal contact. 

Zoom classes & re-selling recordings of your live class

This is particularly useful for people who use Flowbaba to sell their Zoom / other live classes. It is common to send a recording of the class to the participants. But doing it manually requires a lot of work. Just as Flowbaba can make it easy for you to get the invitations to join the stream to your students, it makes it easier to get the video to them as well.

Zoom facilitates easy recording of your class. Learn how in this video.

The same works with Google Meet

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What are all the benefits of selling event tickets at Flowbaba?

And what are the fees?

Fees are same for all the type of content at Flowbaba.

2.5% payment fees

2% platform fees

The rest goes to you!

... so what are you waiting for?

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