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We Have Some Answers To

Questions You may Have:

Absolutely not. Our system is designed and constantly developed for beginners in online realm. You will need just basic skills with the internet. 

Signing up and using Flowbaba system is completely for free. We only charge provision 4,5% from your sales. If you “sell” some items for free (because you can), then we do not charge any provision. We take provisions to cover payment gate fees, and our production, and development expenses.

When you publish any item with a price, we do not add anything on top, so keep in mind that our provision will be deducted from the price you have set.

We believe in freedom and human generosity, so it is up to you which type of price you will use. 

  1. Fixed price
    Decide for which price you want to offer your items.

  2. Minimum price with possibility of contribution
    Select a minimum price and then your customers can decide if they want to contribute with extra money to support you even more.

  3. Donation
    Your customers will decide if they want to donate any amount or enjoy your items for free.

  4. Gratis (for free)
    Sometimes you want to offer a free lesson or some free video tutorials. Publish it for free and gather e-mails from everybody who want an access.

Absolutely yes. Just create a page per every branch of your studio with it’s own address, name , images and description and use our ticket system to set-up and publish ticket sales for any classes. You can easily manage multiple branches or even invite other people to our system in order to help you manage all the sales / check-ins.

Get advantage of recurring event option in our ticket system to set-up classes which regularly repeat.

In case of ticket sales you can either:

Export a list of customers who purchased a ticket and then ask them to provide name and order number,

/ or /

install our Flowbaba scanner on your Android or Apple device to scan QR codes right at the entrance.

Yes. Utilising our voucher tool, you can include any custom message or a link into a confirmation e-mail, which your customers receive after purchase. It can be a link to any 3rd party provider like Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangouts or any other service you are comfortable using.

Just schedule a private class, and then include the link and password as a custom message in our Voucher settings.

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