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Voucher marketplace

There are many situations when vouchers are the perfect solution for offering your services or products. For example:

  • Seasonal nature of your business
  • Gift voucher as a present
  • Bundle sales of any service or product (10 + 1 free)
  • Voucher for private lesson (find a date after purchase)
  • Consulting services or couching

Offer, sell and manage vouchers with Flowbaba.

Voucher features

  • Quick set-up and easy edits

  • Online sales manager

  • Custom content delivery

  • Specific validity of vouchers

  • QR check-in app (iOS, Android)

  • Scheduled sale (date & time)

  • Card online payments

Offer your great services

Vouchers should be exchanged for any service or product and they are a great way how to get new customers who can fall in love with your business.


Perfect solution for any kind of business.

Custom message

Write any custom message or note addressed to your customers. Your note will be included in every confirmation e-mail and ticket.


  • Instruction
  • Tips what to wear
  • Zoom or Google meet link and pass
QR scanner app

All of the vouchers include QR code which can be scanned using our "Flowbaba scanner" to check-in customers as fast as possible.


Available for: iOS, Android


In any ticket, voucher or video

  • include link to your Zoom or Google meet class
  • include any recommendation, e. g.: what to bring
  • write some nice thanking note

Vouchers: FAQ and Tips

Our voucher tool gives you perfect control of all the reservations and analytic reports of the sales in real time.
Read through all the frequently asked questions, tips and ideas.

Absolutely YES. Purpose of vouchers is to be exchanged for any product or service, so if your online lesson is for example private, and there is no fixed date, voucher is the best tool for that.

Just publish your voucher, select it’s validity time and then include instructions how the customers can contact you in order to set-up a private lesson.

If you have a fixed date of your event, we would recommend use our ticket system instead.

Check-out our tutorial article focused on this topic:
Online tickets using zoom

Absolutely not. Every customer receives a confirmation e-mail which includes:

  • order number
  • item details (name, description etc.)
  • details of the customer
  • your custom message (if you have included that)
  • QR code

You can easily ask your customers to provide their personal details, order number or QR code which can be scanned via our “Flowbaba scanner” app even from the screen of their phones/tablets.

Download our “Flowbaba scanner” app from Apple App store or Google play store.

/ or /

Easily print the list of reservations and ask your customers to provide their name or e-mail at the entrance. 

Sure. You can decide how much vouchers will be available in total.

You can even limit the maximum amount of vouchers per one purchase, which might get especially handy with limited services.

We require every customer to provide e-mail address in order to send them confirmations, order details and all the information including your custom note.

You can decide to require also other details, such as first name, last name, phone or address.

All the filled details are displayed in Flowbaba administration and can be exported in .xls or printed.

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